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April 2016 at White Bufalo

 White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Undulation, Disintegration” art of Carolina Galleran  Join us for opening reception 2nd Saturday April 9th 5-8pm, running until May 2nd. White Buffalo Gallery 3671 J st Sacramento CA 95816 http://www.white-buffalo-gallery.com @whitebuffalogallery     

Virgin Lotus Clock

   Finished this fun one up the other day. Healed photos soon 

“Indelible” by Madelyne Joan Templeton March 2016

White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “Indelible“ by Madelyne Joan Templeton running until April 2nd.   “The themes in Madelyne Joan Templeton’s work are exquisite and tenacious. In each of her paintings develops a story that evolves around the beauty in unforgivable marks. Like a tattoo, her… Continue Reading ““Indelible” by Madelyne Joan Templeton March 2016″

Blue Space Man

Blue Space Man 2016 Ryan El Dugi Lewis 12×12 Oil on Panel $600 Prints Available el.dugi@gmail.com

“CMYKandy” by Harley Haslem January 2016

White Buffalo Gallery is excited to present “CMYKandy”   by Harley Haslem running until Feb 2nd.   Using a limited color palette usually in the range of Cyan, Magenta, and an Earthy Yellow with a good solid Black for contrast, I have rendered my subjects in a way that… Continue Reading ““CMYKandy” by Harley Haslem January 2016″

Healed Yellow Rose

Zombie Girl Portrait

Native War Chief

  One of my favorite pieces to date.  On a rad client, he cam in and asked what i would do if I just chose to tattoo anything on him…this is what we did! The Beading on the feather bonnet was brutal haha but… Continue Reading “Native War Chief”

Evil Woman Scratching Face

Virgin Mary Eyes Closed