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We are art.  

This fact we believe first and foremost.  Art is what each of us live and breathe.  It makes up our daily lives.  Each one of us are creators.  We have chosen to be active in this process and not passive.  We create our lives in every moment and every breath that leaves our lips.  

Art is our passion and motivator, it is the driving force in our lives; it is our lifeblood, our center.  

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin – All my relations, we are all related; we are all family.

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We have a dynamic family of artists who are skilled in a wide variety of styles. We take great pride in every piece we create, large or small. We’re honored to work with each of our amazing and trusting clients.

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Email your ideas, photos, reference, drawings or anything similar to what you are thinking of, that we can work from. Describe your idea, the body placement, size (in inches), include photos of surrounding tattoos and what sort of budget you would like to work with.

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