W E    A R E    A R T

We are art.  This fact we believe first and foremost.  Art is what each of us live and breathe.  It makes up our daily lives.  Each one of us are creators.  We have chosen to be active in this process and not passive.  We create our lives in every moment and every breath that leaves our lips.  Art is our passion and motivator, it is the driving force in our lives, our lifeblood, our center.  We are all related, we are all family.    
White Buffalo Gallery is proud to present the 2016 City of Trees Art & Ink Expo join us October 14, 15 & 16th at the Sacramento Convention Center! Mark your calendars and tell your friends! Amazing Fine Artist and Tattoo Artist from all over the world, the best of the best. We will have live music, art workshops for all ages and all skill levels. Follow us on FB and IG @cityoftreesart www.city-of-trees.com