W H I T E   B U F FA L O   G A L L E R Y

3 6 7 1   J   St

S A C R A M E N T O   C A   9 5 8 1 6

9 1 6 – 9 7 0 – 5 0 0 4

Mon – Sat    Noon – 8pm


T A T T O O   I N Q U I R Y

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  • Do you accept walk-ins?

Yes we are happy to take walk-ins if an artist is available.

21 Comments on “Contact

  1. Hi Ryan, I’ve been following your work for quite awhile and met you at the COR Tattoo Fest. I would like to know how to meet with you in order to have a tattoo designed and make an appointment to have it done. Thank you, Lynda Sibbald.


  2. Hi Vanessa

    Pricing will depend on what the piece is and the level of detail involved. Also it will depend on which artist you would like to have tattoo you, each has a different hourly rate: Ryan charges 175$ an hr, John and Nick charge 150$ an hr, and Kenneth charges 100$ an hr. You can email us a photo and let us know which artist you would like to have do the piece at or you come by an talk in person to us anytime and we can give you a more accurate quote.



  3. Hi Ryan I’m a bog fan of your work. When is a good time to come in and talk to you about getting a tattoo?


  4. Was wondering if you had someone who specialized in tattoo cover ups. Specifically dark black tattoos. My right hand and full half sleeve was done by a street tattoo artist / friend. And now I regret it and am searching for someone who might be able to transform it into something special. I can come to your shop for you to see in person or if you have an email I can send them that way also. Thanks.

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  5. Hey guys!
    It seems like all of your artists are really talented. Is there anyone that has done many space tattoos?

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  6. Hello,
    I’m wondering if any of the artists are possibly interested in doing or have experience with geometric type of tattoos of animals?


  7. Hi I was interested in getting the cover of jaws tattooed on my leg could you let me know who would be a good fit for that piece thanks.

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    • That’s awesome!!! I know John & Ryan would be very excited to do the piece. Either of them would be a great fit. Ryan is booked into Feb 2018 however, John is booking for June I believe.


  8. I recently had a very special dog pass away unexpectedly and would like to have a tattoo of him done on me. Do you have a recommendation ad to which one of your artists does the best animal tattoo? I’ve looked at some of the work done by your shop online and was impressed enough to reach out to you guys. I’ve seen some good and done bad tattoos of dogs out there in the real world so it’s important to me that the tatoo looks a close to real as possible.
    Thanks, Mike


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