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“Eye” By Kenneth Villanueva 11’x14″ Oil on Canvas

Death’s Breath

“Death’s Breath” By Kenneth Villanueva 24’x24″ Oil on MDF Panel

Victorian Octopus

“Victorian Octopus” By Kenneth Villanueva 18″x24″ Oil On Canvas

Native American Raven

“Native American Raven” By Kenneth Villanueva 18’x24″ Oil on Canvas

Dec 2014 “Under Layers” by Kinzie Davis

under layers poster1

    White Buffalo Gallery presents¬†“Under Layers”¬†featuring the epic work of renowned street artist,¬†Kinzie Davis. Kinzie Davis was born and raised in a suburban boiling pot of positive and destructive culture is an artist who works in a variety of media. He mainly including… Continue Reading “Dec 2014 “Under Layers” by Kinzie Davis”