May 2015 “SHATTER” by Dante Declarador 

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img 4700  img 4699  img 4698  img 4697  img 4701  img 4696  img 4695  img 4694 White Buffalo Gallery is excited to have the bright and eye catching intensity of “SHATTER” by Dante Declarador opening Thurs May 7th and 2nd Saturday May 9th.

  “I view life in black and white and don’t believe in shades of grey.  When life is black and white, there is no in between, and no doubt.  I want to grab your attention and spark conversation with my art.  Love it or hate it, I let the observer decide what to think of it.  My goal is to to capture your attention, and connect with the audience.  I’d like for people to be inspired, and experience my artistic aura on a personal level.”

Join us for opening reception Thurs May 7th as well as 2nd Sat May 9th 5-8pm 

White Buffalo Gallery
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